Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Badgered begged and beseeched by many readers, I have at last joined Twitter.

Okay, it wasn't many readers. It was mainly Beautiful Rosie (BR). But she's pretty persuasive.

That's right, I'm a twit now too. I appear to be in good company.Within hours of signing up, and before tweeting, twittering or even having a photo or bio, I had followers. 'Stingystyle', 'irideharleyz' and 'FashionSnag', what on earth do you want from me? Most peculiar.

Victoria Coren made me laugh in this weekend's Observer with this piece on marriage, and being followed on Twitter by Arnie.... she chose to ignore the fact he was apparently following 19,000 other people on Twitter too, choosing instead to imagine him thinking "I zink I'll follow zat Wictoria Coren, she is intriguing me."

Hopefully I will have the same effect and keep Arnie occupied and away from the housekeeper for a few minutes at least.

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