Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a little transatlantic cross-pollination

This happened in the US:

This man vowed a razor would not approach his face till Bin Laden was brought to justice. (It's kinda funny that, because this took so much longer than he might have expected, he ended up with a beard rather reminiscent of Bin Laden's own.) Anyway, after he shed some tears of joy, he shaved it off.

And here in the UK, the freegan movement apparently continues to gather pace.  Freegans are people who climb into industrial bins and rootle about for thrown over food. According to one freegan, 'the moment it is thrown out is usually when it tastes the best.'

Like the man with the Osama Bin Laden beard, I sympathise with their sentiments, but find the actions a little unpalatable.

And yes, this is a slightly random post. I wanted to share with my US readers something I saw in the UK media, and vice versa. Since the media is global now, thanks to the interweb, I hope you'll appreciate the gesture for what it is: pure tittle tattle.

Blame another busy day in the Big Corp office.

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