Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love is...

Heidi, his other woman. She's younger than me too, grr.

...happily schlepping uptown to check out a parking space for the other woman in TLOML's life.
Heidi's new home. Yes, I really did take a photo of a carpark for TLOML.

...sorting out the paperclips so TLOML can have all the ones which match his corporate colours - even though that leaves me with the ugly green ones.

A very satisfying way to spend fifteen minutes

And in case you thought it was a one way street, proof that he's a giver too:

Love is also
..TLOML surprising me at the airport after a tough trip, with an apple and some sunchips.

...TLOML restocking the fridge before leaving town for a couple of days, with all my favourite foods - including tomatoes which he finds inedible and repulsive.

The little things can be huge, can't they?

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