Saturday, May 28, 2011

Momofuku update

About that Momofuku two ways fried chicken I mentioned.

While they fired it up, we tucked into some heavenly pork buns, flimsy but sensational asparagus salad, outstanding spicy noodles and generous ramen.

Then came the chicken, fried two ways. It looked like this:

Twenty minutes later the scene at our table was, frankly, carnage:

Unable to decided whether they preferred the Korean style over the buttermilk-marinated Southern style, most of us had a couple of gos at both. Arthuros claims to have eaten 6 pieces, but TLOML doubts it is possible. If it were, he would have done it himself, for sho'.

As it was I think we ate plenty. We had to walk home to work it off.

Worth ordering in advance, waiting in line* and then sitting on a slightly uncomfortable stool for? Hells yeah!

*Admittedly, we got hooked up and did not wait in line. But apparently some people do. And I don't blame them at all.

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