Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transeurasian Tales

Is that a proper geographic term? I'm pretty sure I flew over something called Eurasia last night, but that could be the sleep deprivation talking.

Now I've landed and spent a day in Bengaluru I am happy to be able to reinforce more brilliantly true cliches about Johnny Foreigner for your edification. It's so nice to have one's prejudices confirmed.

Here in the city of boiled beans, as I expected, the people are superhelpful and there are cows grazing under the underpass. There are cool temples in bright colours. No sighting of street cricket yet mind you.

My taxi driver showed me photos of the Royal Wedding on the telly, taken on his phone. He confirmed that yes, indeed, all of India was bursting with joy at our marvellous Britfest. (So nice the way the former colonies don't bear a grudge, isn't it? Or is it just the guys in the service industry...?).

In the office of good old Big Corp, there are 2 men on every floor who's sole employ is to dispense tiny cups of really good strong, sweet, tea. For about 8p a cup.

And most of the women at work wear fabulous saris and big swooshy scarves, in pinks and peacock blues, and with bangles and sandals. I look like some sort of puritan pilgrim figure in my black trousers, white shirt and brogues.
Yup, definitely a hotel in India.

I know I know, but he really didn't seem to mind and I will tip him before I leave, I promise.

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