The Who, Why, What of Ms Watts

I am a thirtysomething Londoner, transplanted to the US by The Love Of My Life. We’ll call him TLOML. For him, I traded dear, scruffy old Kentish Town, my home for over a decade, in for a stint in West Hollywood. That was the first of five moves in the past 3.5 years. Then we moved together from WeHo (that's really what they call it) to Malibu, then to New York, and finally I dragged him back to London. We're currently spending my maternity leave up in Yorkshire, debating our next move.

To pay my rent I work in a weird but interesting consultancy niche. Mainly what I do involves a lot of post-it notes being moved around various flipcharts, and acres of data being studied for variation and trends. If you’re a geek you’d think what I do is cool. If you’re cool, you’ll know it was pretty geeky.

The brilliant thing about my job is that it allowed me to move to the States. And, before I got all lazy and content, it used to give me lots of time to write. I have written 2 great novels, one of which is available on Lulu here:, and a brilliant, funny, distracting interactive online novel, called 'Face the Consequences', which could suck up hours of your life. But in a fun way. Sigh. I'd love to make a living writing, instead of moving post-its around.

For now, I mainly blog about transatlantic matters, about our journey, from California to Yorkshire, and about pregnancy and parenthood.