Monday, May 23, 2011

This is the news!

As I leave London I take a moment to consider the things I'll miss when I get back to New York (if I get the chance to miss anything between the amazing eating, drinking, shopping and cultural consumption NY offers...).

Always high on the list is the BBC. I love the BBC. Especially the news. It has gone a bit 'let's ask the man in the street' in recent years, but it's still pretty solid. As long as they have a Dimbleby kicking around and Jeremy Paxman doing the serious late show, I know I'm in good hands.

Here is Paxman savaging Michael Howard back in the day. Skip to minute 4 which is when Paxo gets all 'dog with a bone' on him.

...which leads me neatly to this brilliant spoof, of a Day Today anchor (the genius Chris Morris) being all terrifyingly Paxman-esque.
(For American readers, Peter Hanra-O'Hanrahan is loosely based on a well known BBC news reporter called Brian Hanrahan. Just because it's a silly name I think).

I never ever watch the news in the US. This is partly because they don't show nearly enough news about British by-elections, school dinner policies, and BA strikes. But also because the delivery of the news in in the US just a bit hyper. It rattles me.

Which is a nice excuse for me to post this final clip: another The Day Today spoof, this time of American news.

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