Monday, May 2, 2011

Biscuits, booze, brunch, breakfast


TLOML: 'I wish we had digestives'
Me: 'I don't really like digestives. I prefer treacle crunch creams, or bourbons*'
TLOML: 'You mean bourbon**? Bit early for a drink isn't it?'
Me: 'No, silly, a bourbon*'
TLOML: 'What the heck's a boar-bun?'
Me: 'You know, those nice brown biscuits with brown cream in the middle.'
TMOML: 'Why do they call them boar-buns? It's stoopid.'
Me: Large sigh. Silence. I have no answers for questions about the naming of British biscuits.

So I looked it up and it turns out that they were named after French royalty. Posh, eh?

*Pronounced in the English biscuit way
**Pronounced in the American whisky way


Me: 'I fancy brunch at Marmalade'
TLOML: 'They aren't serving brunch today.'
Me: 'They do brunch everyday surely?
TLOML: 'No, only at weekends.'
Me: 'But I walked past yesterday at 10 and it was open.'
TLOML: 'For breakfast, yes, but not for brunch.'
Me: 'So what's on the breakfast menu? Can I still get eggs benedict?'
TLOML 'Well they only do brunch at weeekends but they'll probably still have eggs benedict.'

So we went and I checked the menus and there are no big differences between breakfast and brunch. The menu for both still includes crazy things that should never be eaten before noon, like turkey chilli and corned beef hash. The only material difference between the two meals is that one is served Monday to Friday, and the other is served at the weekends. Weird, huh?

They invented it so I guess its America's prerogative. Like us with our bourbon biscuit.

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