Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fabulously faddy foods

High excitement here at Rabbit Hutch Towers, for tomorrow we dine at Momofuku.

Momofuku is massively popular, because it is very hard to get into. Or, it's hard to get into because it's massively popular. Something of a virtuous circle for hot NY restaurants, that one.

I suspect the silly name which is both cute yet swear-y is also a big part of the Momofuku success story.

And the fact that their most famous dish - two ways fried chicken - needs to be ordered in advance, is another big factor. The rarity value, combined with the 2009 fried chicken craze has made this the stuff of legend two years later. Didn't notice the summer of fried chicken? Me either. Apparently NY was gripped.
Momofuku's two way fried chicken
Last time I made fried chicken it took an hour, set the smoke alarm off, and I think I gained 4lbs overnight. Perhaps the purpose of ordering in advance is so we can work out for 2 days before eating it, and they can notify the local fire brigade to ignore the smoke alarm...


Afterthought: apparently the food at Momofuku is really outstanding. That could also be part of the reason for its success. I will report back.


  1. I know it's not nice to be rude about other people's food, but I hope it looks a hell of a lot more appetising on the plate! Looks like fried dinosaur..remains. Perhaps the question to oneself should be 'would Martha serve it?!'

  2. TLOML would beg to differ. What could be more delicious than hunks of dessicated, bony chicken? Mind you he told he our corner shop 'deli' (more of a corner shop than a deli) did good wings. He will literally eat anything. I will provide a more balanced review...