Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nuns on tour

Off to Bangalore. Actually, it's called Bengaluru now as part of that thing India did where they renamed their cities proper Indian names to throw us damned colonials off the scent. Nice try, but it didn't fool me.

As an aside, apparently Bengaluru means 'City of Boiled Beans'. Not terribly promising, is it?

So I'm at lovely Terminal 5 and seeing nuns everywhere. Always in pairs, thank goodness. And I have no intention of splitting them (I think it's just cruel boys who like nun-splitting. Personally I think nuns should always travel in pairs).

This begs 2 questions in my simple mind.
1. Where are they all going? A big nun conference?
2. Is there a nicer type of passenger than the polite, bewildered nun?

I hope I get one next to me on my flight. I bet they've got imperial mints in their pockets and sit as quiet as mice for the duration.

Swiped from someone else's blog. Nuns on public transport. So nice and so confused!


  1. Whenever I see nuns on a plane I always assume that they are actually some kind of lethal assassin in disguise. If I was a top secret international assassin, that’s what I would disguise myself as. So in fact, all of the nuns your saw could actually be on their way to some kind of top secret assassin convention (probably held at the Hilton by the airport)

  2. I will look more closely next time. Nuns, dodgy!