Saturday, May 14, 2011


Chivalry is not dead in my world. I am a lucky girl: TLOML sent beautiful flowers and fruit to my hotel. I suspect it was an attempt to stop me eating dirty street fruit. Being American he is fastidiously clean. Being a grubby Old European, I am not. He is constantly on the lookout for me picking up some terrible dirt-borne infection.

The fruit basket worked, it kept me away from those delicious looking fruit stands and juice carts for days. It was also a purely romantic gesture, made from love and the desire to keep me safe and comfortable.

Among the people of Bangalore, however, I’m afraid to say chivalry appears to be out of favour. Almost every time I see a dude on a bike giving his girl (wife, girlfriend, sister, whatever) a ride, he has a helmet and she does not.
The flood of workers heading to Big Corp. 2 wheelers are the smart way to travel.

 Come on Bangalore boys, man up and give your girls some protection.

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