Thursday, March 29, 2012


We will move into Fox Corner on Monday, and I am happily immersed in tedious chores. It's a full time job, moving house. Lucky for me I'm 'between projects' at Big Corp, so don't really have an actual full time job to distract me.

I've booked a nice Polish removal man, and sorted out parking for the van. I've alerted the friends who have been taking care of coffee tables and the like that we will be arriving with said Polish movers and van, so they must get them ready for us and resistance is futile.

The maximum telly and interweb that Virgin Media offers has been procured, although it won't be installed till long after NCAA March Madness ends, sadly.

I've paid the customs on the wine we shipped, so we can take delivery of all our stuff from New York. We may have slightly understated the value of the wine, but don't judge us. It's already been taxed at least once (when it was bought), and if there's one thing TLOML hates more than foxes, it's tax.

And I've given notice on my storage unit, home to all my clobber since 2009. I'm bracing myself for some ridicule from TLOML as I unpack moth-eaten blankets, a TV that's smaller than his monitor, and a printer from the '90s.

As I said, tedious chores. But I get a rising feeling of pure joy as I motor through it all. At last, at last, we will be settled. Nesting can begin!

I see many trips to IKEA and John Lewis in our future. So I signed up for Zipcar too. It's not exactly Heidi, the love of TLOML's life, but it will get us about, and cheaply too. If you're a Londoner who likes to buy stuff that can't be carted home on a bus once in a while, or visit somewhere near but annoying to get to, I highly recommend them. Click on the picture for a brilliant offer...

Join Zipcar and get £25 in free driving


  1. Oh how exciting to meet all your old stuff again. Zipcar sounds great too.

  2. Zipcar is quite amazing. Cheap, convenient, amazing service, just brilliant. And being reunited with my old books - pure joy!