Friday, March 9, 2012

The hunt is over

At last! We have viewed about fifteen flats in the last couple of weeks and the novelty of snooping around other people's homes was starting to wear off.

We saw some madness. Like this strange flat, with a shower conveniently placed next to the bed:
Weird, right?
We also saw some lovely but impractical homes. Like this beautifully restored 3 bedroom house with a kitchen that was barely big enough to make toast in:
I realise it looks like I'm obsessed with bathrooms. But look at this lovely loo! The rest of the house was gorgeous too. But we need a kitchen we can swing a cat in and chop veggies at the same time.
... and speaking of impractical, how about a study that's 3' wide?
Rather cramped.
We also decided against some very smart flats that were way above our budget and frankly, a little too posh for us. And some very gloomy flats that were brilliantly located, and cheap, but deeply depressing.

In the end we went for the sweet, spacious, slightly scruffy garden flat with the kiwi tree. The foxes appear to have moved out. The landlady is lovely and doing lots of work to tidy the place up and improve security. We think we will be very happy there. Fingers crossed for a move in at the start of April.
This is the jolly red door and nice tiled steps at the end of our hunt


  1. Looks great. I love the one-liner "The foxes appear to have moved out." You're sure they're not just retreating for spring, aka the Wolves in the Willoughby Chase series?

  2. If the foxes return and decide to throw their lot in with us, so be it.

  3. Any chance the landlady will be putting in a laundry chute???

  4. We are negotiating hard on the chute point.