Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laundry learnings

These two jumpers belong to me. The black one fits me well, and is shown here for scale.

The brown one is an example of what happens when an American, used only to 'hot', 'warm' and 'cold' washes is confronted by a washing machine with 12 different time and temperature settings.
 He chose 40 degrees. How is he to know how hot 40 is? He was blinded by too much choice.

To  be fair, I had just thrown it in with all the laundry in our one laundry bag. Our special 'wash carefully' bag is in the shipment of stuff from NY. So we don't really have a proper laundry sorting system, here in our squat. Sigh.

Dark times in Dartmouth Park.


  1. I'm sorry, but this is a very good sight gag. An excuse for shopping, too!

  2. Indeed, and perhaps if I'm lucky someone else will pick up the bill...?!