Sunday, March 25, 2012

Preparing to nest

I visited Fox Corner today, to see how the work is coming along. It is the site of much bustling, dust-generation and painting, as our new landlady prepares the flat for her demanding new tenants. The dishwasher has been installed, some fresh white paint applied, and a security system is about to be installed.
So now we have our own preparation to do, to get ready for nesting.
I'm refurbishing that rocking chair I bought, so we'll have something to sit on before we get a sofa organised.
It looks okay from a distance but needs some TLC
I am rebuilding a relationship with Jack, my fat cat, who has been living with my old friend the Activist for a couple of years, and is about to be returned to my care. All he really cares about is where the next meal is coming from, so I'm confident once we install him at Fox Corner if we keep the Hill's Science Diet coming, he'll stick around.

I have started some seeds off, so we can have tomatoes, basil, courgettes and peas this summer, if all goes well. If they fail to thrive, we'll always have the kiwi jam to fall back on, of course.
A makeshift seedling box, salvaged from the squat.
I've paid the customs bill so our shipment from New York (including a few bottles of wine) can be released. And I'm googling sports TV packages so we sign up with the right cable and interweb provider.

Meanwhile, TLOML is in Las Vegas keeping up with the NCAA March Madness, ooops, I mean, working. When he gets home I am hoping he will contribute to the preparations. In addition to the many hours of research he has done into massive TVs, that is. I see many trips to John Lewis and Argos in our near future.


  1. It is something about men. When we emigrated, knowing that prices were higher in NZ I insisted that we buy a new sofa, a breadmaker, new leather covers for our chairs, etc etc. My other half just wanted a massive thin TV and a Sky Sports package. :-)

  2. Yes, strange gadgets. TLOML also believes he needs an axe for our new garden. Sadly I don't think the bulbs, fruit trees and shrubs merit a lethal weapon.

  3. Definitely a strange men thing. Our swimming pool apparently will cease to function if there is not a sharp hacksaw laid right beside it at all times. Sigh.