Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An American in London

TLOML has lived in England a few years in his childhood, and again as a student in his early 20s. So he knows the drill. Yes, you may need to ask twice for tapwater. No, you don't need to tip in Starbucks.

And I thought he was settling back in very well. Munching on Walkers crisps, hopping on the N390 without blinking, ordering pints of proper bitter, and not minding that they are served at room temperature.
It started so well - he had a full English on day one

Then we caught up with a lovely Los Angeleno friend, who is in London for a few months. My goodness, when two Americans in London get together, they come up with some crazy objections.
'How come the supermarkets don't refrigerate their eggs? Is it safe?!'
'What's the deal with the washing machines? All those symbols and little drawers, how does it all work?'
'Can you believe the number of coins you end up with? Urgh, my pocketbook is so heavy!'
'Have you ever eaten so many carbs, and so much butter, in your life?'

I sighed. And blocked from memory all the times I had said 'Americans refrigerate way too much' / 'The US Mint should introduce more coins' / 'How come there's only 3 choices on the washing machine?' / 'I miss proper butter'.

I suppose the shoe is on the other foot now. It is my turn to nod sympathetically as TLOML fits himself into British life. I must learn to shrug, in a 'I know, we're crazy' way as he rails against such madcap schemes as TV licences and Sunday opening hours.

But do I really need to tolerate publications like this littering up the living room?

Perhaps I do, for a short while. Then I'm going to replace them with a copy of The Cricketer and a Radio Times.

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