Monday, March 5, 2012

And the Liebster goes to..

I was recently awarded a Liebster by a kind fellow blogger. 'Liebster', from the German, means beloved, or favourite, or darling. Depending on how much you like the blog you awarded, I suppose.

Anyway, I've been pondering my favourite blogs. According to the Liebster rules I can only nominate 5 blogs. I read 5 on a regular basis, so that's easy. But there's another, which only updates every few weeks, and when it does, I devour it. So I'm nominate that as my 5th-and-a-half. Don't tell the Liebster police.

My Liebsters go to:
1)  Kentish Towner Essential reading for any Kentish Towner. Daily musings on life - park benches, new gastropub menus, obscure but useful shops - in my favourite part of London. I challenge anyone to read it and not want to move here. Actually, that said, I've been bombarding TLOML with Kentish Towner posts and he still isn't in love with NW5 (preferring instead the leafier, more salubrious surroundings of NW3). It's early days though...

2)  Green Pastures New. No, not just because she nominated me for a Liebster. But because Cumulus' posts are a fascinating, thought provoking, chuckle generating insight into a life that is very different to mine.  Cumulus has just moved to New Zealand with her husband and three brilliant and rather challenging boys. Her ruminations on the importance of tea, her efforts to secure support for her family, and other 'just moved across the world' topics are always interesting. Plus I love the way she writes.

3) A Bite of the Big Apple, Adventures of a Trailing Spouse. My friend Hannah's very own transatlantic tales. (You may know of her from my posts as the New New Yorker). An entertaining set of posts on stuff you need to know when you move to NYC - from how Brooklyn brownstones used to be laid out, to buying a bed, and fleeing the city for a weekend away.

4) Babes with Babies. A witty blog with tips on how to remain sane and stylish when pregnant. No, I'm not breaking any news: I am not up the duff. But I'd like to be, one day. And most of the time one of my friends is. I always recommend this blog to them, because I think it's so brilliantly practical and yet, glamourous. Proof that the two can co-exist. At least in the blogosphere.

5)  Aliceson Robinson, of Nine Muses. She just knows stuff. Especially about the most interesting plays, exciting exhibitions, and gourmet treats. Inspiration. I just wish I acted on it more often.

5.5) - Hemingway to Hollywood. Hilarious insights from The Euro aka Hemingway Holly on the silliness of LA life.

And finally, some honourable mentions. These are blogs which get plenty of traffic already. But I like them.
  • Little Brown Pen. Mainly for their series on colour. Many photos, few words. Some days that's all I want to look at.
  • Fashion Toast. Hugely successful. Proof that I am not the only person who likes looking at photos of a pouty doll girl wearing rather unlikely outfits. Still not sure why I like it since I always leave the site feeling like a dowdy giant. But like a moth to a flame, I am drawn.
  • GOOP. She takes a lot of flack, does Gywnnie. And yes, much of her advice is aimed at multimillionaire housewives. Still, she knows her food and the recipes are great. Plus she has a nice face.
Let me know if I missed any of your favourites...

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  1. Why thank you!

    I shall celebrate my double-Liebsterness with an extra nice cup of tea.