Thursday, March 22, 2012

The way to TLOML's heart

Before we move in across the postcode boundary, I'm determined to convince TLOML of the delights of Kentish Town, the land of plenty to our east.

Obviously my campaign is entirely based on food and drink. Kentish Town has a preponderance of above average places to eat. My theory is that the presence of The Times food critic has upped the ante. Giles Coren has lived in the area for years and is a bit of a lazy sod: he appears to like reviewing places he can walk to. There are more good places to eat in Kentish Town than it's posher neighbours in Hampstead and Belsize Park, and Camden, bristling with hipsters.

At least, that's what I think. And TLOML is, I think, coming around to my way of thinking.

We've enjoyed very good curry from Monsoon, and Liberty Kebabish, Dartmouth Park's two competing, neighbouring curry houses. They are across the street from one other and both are pretty decent, though we prefer Kebabish because it has pictures of the Pakistani cricket team on the walls and we like the name. It's just a bit kebab-ish, innit?

We have sampled the gourmet kebabs at E.Mono. Maybe gourmet is overstretching it but the meat is organic, and the salads very fresh. It's a sober, lunchtime kebab. Remarkable.
The lovely E. Mono 'bab shop
We've joined the hordes sampling Arancini Brothers' lovely balls of rice. And tucked into octopus and  ragu (not on the same plate) at The Vine.
Nuraghe's fresh squid

We had those rather small but nonetheless delicious clams at Kentish Canteen. And on the fringes of NW5 we tucked into incredible, hearty, salty Sardinian fish soup and sea urchin spaghetti at neighbourhood standout, Nuraghe.

So many fantastic places to eat, and I haven't even started on the gastropubs yet. I mean, we've started eating at them. But I haven't started writing about them yet: there are too too many! And while we are squatting, we are eating out every night. So, that's another post..

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