Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unpacking priorities

Yesterday we took delivery of my belongings from the storage unit. It is lovely to be reunited with all my books.
As I sort them out I'm glad I had the foresight to label the boxes carefully. Take this one (below): 'Auden, Waugh etc', and then, as more were added later, '+ some Steinbeck'.
The '+' is crucial, as clearly Steinbeck shouldn't live in the same box as Auden and Waugh. And the 'some' is also key because it means 'not all'. Obviously I don't want to empty that box and think 'that's all the Steinbeck done then'. That would throw my carefully planned library layout into pandemonium. I do like to unpack my books in chronological order, if possible.

Yes, I might be a little bit boundaried when it comes to the filing of books.

In other areas, however, I am a little more free and easy. Take this box, which TLOML roundly mocked:
The contents? A 1990s Dell laptop and assorted cables of mysterious purpose.

Just over 24 hours after we moved into Fox Corner, all the books are on shelves and in the right order (though I may need to take another look at the 'History & Philosophy' section). And the technology box, still full, is being used as an impromptu coffee table.

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