Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The hunt for noodle gold

It might be too much to hope for that we will find a good Korean BBQ place in London. And as for establishing a relationship with a sushi chef - well, in 10 months in NY we didn't manage it, so it could take some time in London.

But we do need to get good Asian food here, if TLOML is to be able to happily call this city home. And no, Wagamamas won't cut it.

We struck a sort of fool's gold in our neighbourhood already. Nuraghe is, admittedly, Sardinian. But the night we ate there 75% of the other customers were of Asian descent. And as TLOML said, 'these people know where the good food is'. Salty, fishy, spicy: they were right.
Super fresh chilli squid at Nuraghe
Like the fools who were delighted with the shiny gilt they found, we were pretty thrilled with the not-quite-Asian-but-fulfills-the-same-craving Sardinian food.

Still, we want actual Asian food. Ramen, miso soup, or pho, it doesn't really matter. It just needs to be good, noodly, salty, soup that makes you sweat. And call me a lazy Londoner but I don't want to have to travel to Dalston's Kingsland Road for it either.

I think we found it. Pho is new to me, and I think relatively new to Soho. It's very good.

I hope this means that, as I've confidently been proclaiming to TLOML, 'the Asian food scene in London is great!' It's nice when my blind optimism is not misplaced.

Nuraghe will be seeing an awful lot of us if not...

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