Monday, April 9, 2012

Rocking chair update

In case you were wondering about that 'vintage' rocking chair that I was refurbishing, here's an update. And for those of you wondering if I will ever branch this blog out from general musings to crafts and home improvements, this may set your mind at rest. I am clearly not qualified.

So, the chair looked okay from a distance. But...
Up close it was a little scuzzy

And the madhead who sold it to me had 'fixed' the wobbly leg by hammering in some oversized screws
I had to make a multiple trips to Kentish Town's premier home improvement outlet, to get what I needed to fix the chair up. Some jaunty yellow paint, sandpaper and wire wool, screws, a roller and tray, and a brush: I spent almost as much as the chair cost...
B&S DIY: all manner of stuff  packed into a very small shop. Strangely brilliant.
On the first trip I used the stripes on my t-shirt to measure how long a screw I needed (three yellow and two grey stripes). I returned to get some longer ones.

That was a mistake. That dent right there? That's a too-long-screw poking through from the other side.

TLOML went back for some wider screws. He was there anyway for a sink strainer, a fuse, and some gardening gloves. Fox Corner is not exactly 'turnkey'.

The chair is still a bit wobbly. It needs another coat too. But we're so busy doing actual home improvements I suspect we might never get around to it.

So £90 (if you count the chair, the materials, and the cab to get it home), and several hours later, I have just saddled us with a wobbly, under-painted chair.
Still looks okay from a distance though, doesn't it?

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