Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh I love a bit o' cultchya, me!

I used to be a culture vulture. I mean beyond the moving image, too. Nights at the theatre and afternoons spent in galleries were part of my regular diet.

Then I moved to LA, the home of popular culture. In 16 months there, I went to one gig. Oh, and we did see a production of Midsummer Night's Dream at the hippie fest that is Topanga Canyon's Theatricum Botanicum.We also tried to go to LACMA once but it was closed so we went to Nordstrom in The Grove and bought shoes instead.

New York was little better. In 10 months in Manhattan, I went to the opera, saw one musical, and made it to the Met a couple of times.

I'm pleased to say that as part of my return to London, I seem to have got my cultural groove back. I've been home for 10 weeks and already have made it to the Hockney exhibition, a brilliant Rob Cowen gig and a play at the Barbican (an outstanding Cate Blanchett in Big & Small).

Most cultural of all - and surprisingly so - was our recent visit to Saltburn. Saltburn is a quiet little surf town, with a nice old pier. It it very photogenic, has a great Nobu outpost, and Dick Van Dyke lives there. Oh, wait, that's Malibu. Well, barring the year round sunshine and celebrities, they are very similar. The last thing I expect to find there is destination (as in, worth travelling for) artwork.

But look what someone went and did on Saltburn pier:


The knitting bombers have created a tribute to the 2012 Olympics. It is a work of genius and visiting it is the cultural highlight, so far, of my return to Britain.

Hurrah for cultural consumption. How do you get yours?

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