Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a regular cup of Joe

Our nearest coffee shop, on 23rd Street at 8th Ave, is Joe. We go there quite often, because it is so close.

The line is long and the service is slow, and here is why:

In case you don't have time to watch the entire video, allow me to provide two choice quotes which I think sum up the whole Joe enterprise:
'Our baristas wll go through about a month of training just pulling espresso before they even touch or talk about milk.' Milk, the first taboo of barista training! They must think about nothing else that whole month!
'You need to look for the time at which the espresso drops: it should drop at around 6 seconds, and then run till about 22 or... um... 26 or 27 seconds.' Precise enough for ya?

This is a bag of coffee from Joe, for when we want to make coffee back at the hutch.

It costs $20. Which I suppose is marginally less outrageous than the orange juice situation. I mean, seeing as it is 'refreshing from beginning to lingering sweet finish: nectarine aromatics segue to orange gummy candy, honeyed fig, caramel, and crisp botanical notes'. Or so it says on the bag.

It is good coffee. I like it a lot. Sadly, though, neither TLOML nor I can truly taste the difference between this stuff, and Starbucks' finest. So long as it's not that watery, stewed filth they serve at Dunkin' Donuts I'm pretty happy.

Since Joe is our nearest coffee place, we're still going there and standing in line for our coffee or paying $20 to make it at home. Sigh. I have a feeling the culinary artists of New York's artisan coffee shops are wasted on us.

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