Monday, August 1, 2011

Airport Golf Restaurant - a Photo Essay

Apologies for the longer-than-usual gap between posts. I've been to Palm Beach, to visit TLOML and his glamourous mother.

From January till May, Palm Beach is a mecca for the East Coast's monied Villebrequin and Ralph Lauren-wearing hordes. They gather in Palm Beach in exclusive members-only clubs, to drink mai tais and talk about how much better the mai tais are at their club than at the less exclusive club next door. It's very pretty, chi chi, and all round fabulous. From May to August, it's mainly a mecca for mosquitoes and humidity. Then the hurricanes roll in.

So mid July is pretty firmly off season. But we had a lovely time eating at the hotspots of Palm Beach and talking wedding plans and embarrassing TLOML baby stories.

One of the activities the Trumps and Rockefellers of this world like to do in Palm Beach is to play golf. I guess this is why there is a golf themed restaurant in the airport. It was called Sam Snead, after a man who is apparently a legend of golf. I've never seen a golf themed restaurant before, so I took a bunch of photos.

I was going to opine that the restaurant is weird and such places don't exist in Britain - in one of my familiar Transatlantica riffs. But TLOML says it may not be true, and it's more likely that such restaurants exist and I just haven't been to one yet. So I will refrain from comment, and simply publish these photos as an interesting record of an apparently perfectly normal place to eat and drink.

This is the entrance. You can see a photo of Sam Snead's grip, and some of his memorabilia in the display cabinet. Including his golf bag.

This putting green is part of the restaurant.

On every page of the menu there was a different quote about Sam Snead.

Many menu items were named after Sam.

I could go on....

As I said, no comment. Perfectly normal. There are restaurants like this in every British transport hub. Sure.


  1. drove through palm beach last week -it really does live up to it's reputation as god's waiting room. didn't get the chance to enjoy any themed places but if it's any consolation the food in miami was pretty average. only really had a good feed at the london imports - cecconi's at soho beach house and the hakkasan in our hotel. found 3 grey hairs at the bottom of my very forgettable yellowfin tartar at the setai and was helpfully informed by the grey haired chef de partie that they were bones (!)

  2. Yup, it's a huge retirement complex... the 3 grey hairs were probably shed by one of their younger diners...

  3. Ahem, Texas Embassy, Fatty Arbuckles, the entire O'neills pub franchise... I could go on. At least in America they embrace a theme directly. Texas Embassy is a London restaurant embracing an American restaurant embracing a theme. Now go make me a Sneadburger with a side of double bogey fries.