Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did you get a shot of the men's socks?

...must be the concern of every bride and groom on their big day. Right? If not how do you explain the incredible proliferation of photos like these?

These images are pilfered from Style Me Pretty, a website full of galleries of weddings. It's meant to provide inspiration for brides, for everything from dresses and flowers, to cute ways to display table plans and escort cards, and ideas for themed photo booths and table settings.

I look at Style Me Pretty a lot. Which is kinda silly. I already have my dress, and I don't even know what an escort card is - though I'm pretty sure we won't have them. The theme of our wedding will be 'we're getting married', and the look is, um, 'seasonal'. But still, it's good surfing fodder. What can I say, I just like looking at pretty pictures, I guess.

In my daily forays into the land of Style Me Pretty, I have noticed a disturbing trend. Many many photos of men hoiking up their trousers to show off their socks. But why?

Shots like this one (below) have become popular, indeed, an essential part of the photo story of your big day. And I can sort of see why.

After all, you spent a lot of money on your amazing shoes, you love them to death, and yet they are hidden by your big white dress. So you get the photographer to take a photo, so in years to come you can look back and say 'weren't my wedding shoes lovely?'. Personally I don't think it'll be on my list of essential shots, but I do kinda understand it.

But the group ankle shots are just odd.

'Make sure you take a photo of us just from the knees down, won't you? We really need one of just all the beautiful/ quirky/ meaningful shoes all together!'
A foot tat makes for a lovely shot
The finalists from a butterface competition?

Oooh, our footwear is so zany, we're meant to be together!

Oooh, our footwear is so softly sophisticated, we're meant to be together!

It's even worse when the shoes are horrid

Ushers in Converse, so quirky!
These bridesmaids will surely treasure this memento of the day they had to clomp around in cowboy boots when everyone else was wearing strappy sandals - just because the bride and groom once had a nice weekend in Austin, Texas and like Willie Nelson.

'Scuse the pun but I think they have lost perspective.

So, Item #73: Select theme for shoes and socks' is yet another item ticked off the wedmin Things To Do list.


  1. I remember when you used to see escort cards in every phone box in London.
    Now, they would definitely add a "quirky" touch to a wedding

  2. Guess the internet put paid to those escort cards. Shame, they'd definitely give us that gritty urban edge. Perhaps we will settle for matching ankle tats instead.