Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Massive fruit

I'm still not bored of this 'everything is bigger in America riff'. Last night we did a run to Dallas BBQ for emergency wings - while waiting for our order we saw people drinking margaritas that must seriously have been a pint and a half. Sadly, I forgot my camera so can't prove it.

But happily, I did manage to capture a shot of this massive nectarine. Just after I took a bite and thought 'my goodness this is a huge nectarine'. Look... it's almost as tall as a mug:
Bigger than a 'handful', which is what the whole '5 a day' system was built on.

That said, you can get dinky fruit here, as a sort of seasonal novelty. Check out these wee plums:
I've taken to buying the tiny fruit for the pleasure I get when TLOML goes to the fruit bowl and exclaims 'what the ...?!' Then I tell him with pride that they are specially imported English plums. (In fact they are little sugar plums from upstate NY.) TLOML growls and mutters 'They look like cherries to me. You're not in England any more, start buying regular sized fruit godamnit'.

Ah, fun with green groceries. Size does matter.

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