Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming soon, the Museum of Water

I'm not kidding. And it's opening right on our block. Exciting times for the residents of Rabbit Hutch Towers, especially those who are particularly into water.

Mind you, I'm a pretty big fan of water. I like drinking it, washing with it, and swimming in it. I'd say it's pretty important to me. But I'm not sure I'll be visiting the Museum of Water when it opens, even though it's just outside my front door.

What kind of person is so into water that they would visit a museum about it, I wonder? Presumably the exact opposite - the sworn enemy, no less - of the visitors to the Museum of Fire.

That's right, the Museum of Fire. Presumably it targets all those pyromaniacs with a spare afternoon in SoHo and nothing better to do. Again, I'm struggling to picture the target audience...

I await the opening of the Museums of Earth and Air with great anticipation.

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