Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Special occasion dining for purses

To mark my recent promotion, TLOML and I went to BES, one of our neighbourhood faves. But somehow, it didn’t feel quite special enough. Could it be we have already overdone the ginger crusted snapper? Had enough of that incredible peanut miso dressing? Or were we just there on an ‘off’ night? Whatever the reason, we decided to up the ante.

Del Posto, a Mario Batali restaurant just down the road, seemed to fit the bill. Online, it is described itself as offering ‘trans-generational' cuisine. Allow me to borrow their words to elaborate: 'The concept of trans-generationalism manifests itself in a cuisine that combines the creativity of contemporary culinary sensibilities with the powerful draw of classic Italian dishes, or "Cucina Classica".

So Del Posto is a place which takes itself pretty seriously. In fact, New York Magazine rather sniffily complains about 'pageantry and largesse'. We were undeterred. I just got promoted to a Big Corp Band 9: pageantry and largesse is the order of the day!

And Del Posto exceeded expectations from the moment about half a dozen people greeted us, opened doors, gestured towards the entrance, and generally ushered us in. Pageantry! On ordering my perfect manhattan (up, with rye) the bar man responded with a run down of a range of different ryes. Largesse! The sommelier laughed at TLOML’s jokes. The menu looked incredible, inventive and full of favourites all at the same time. We knew we were in safe hands.

My favourite part of the whole evening though, was the waiter bringing me a footstool to rest my handbag on. TLOML took this photo to capture the special moment. I don't care if we looked like tourists, I've never seen such a thing before (and trust me, this isn't the first time I've been to a restaurant).
Nice touch, isn't it?

Del Posto: where even a humble battered old vintage purse gets star treatment. It’s got special occasion dining written all over it. Oh, and the food was five courses of absolutely phenomenal. (Almost seems incidental to be honest).

I am now mostly spending my time trying to think of other important things to celebrate, so we can return.

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