Saturday, August 6, 2011

Somehow so much more than just corn on the cob

Apparently my blog has turned a little bit Negative Norah of late. TLOML even accused it of being anti America. So I've decided to light up and focus on brilliant things I love about America.

Brilliant things I love about America 1: Grilled Cuban Corn

We first had this when an outpost of Cafe Habana opened in Malibu. The service was pretty poor by local standards, and the fact that it was vaguely celeby (Dustin Hoffman was my best spot in there) doesn't to much to distinguish it in LA. But that corn, damn! It kept us coming back time and time again.

It's grilled corn, slathered in mayo, and covered in cotija cheese and cayenne. Squeeze a little lime juice on it and you're good to go. I could eat it all day long. Seriously, it's phenomenal.

I tried to recreate it at home after the first time we ate it. But it's actually pretty tricky to get all that crumbly cheese and spice to stick to the corn. So you end up eating mayo-covered corn, with a side of cheese and pepper. Maybe they use a secret ingredient at Cafe Habana to make it all stick together. I wouldn't be surprised if it was crack, the stuff is so addictive.

So now we just have it in restaurants. It's a side dish at our current favourite local restaurant, Tipsy Parson, which specialises in Southern food. Theirs is just as good as the Habana version (and considerably better than my home made attempt). I'd guess it's on the menu at every hipster Mexican and Cuban place in NYC, in fact. And I bet it tastes like a little chunk of spicy, cheesy corn heaven wherever you have it.

It's definitely going on the list of things I'll miss when we move back to London. We're a little short on hipster Mexican restaurants. We have Wahaca, at least, and Boho Mexica, but I just checked and they are not doing the amazing crack grilled corn. I might have to work on mastering that recipe after all. Anyone know where I can buy Mexican cotija cheese in London...?

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