Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your very own can of tuna

A grey Monday, suffering a hangover fuelled by the toxic memory of one too many Cafe Noir margaritas could mean only one thing for TLOML. A Reuben.

A Reuben, for the benefit of my British readers, is a sandwich of beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. No, not my choice of hangover fodder either, but it was just what TLOML was craving.

So we went to check out our local diner, the Chelsea Square. We already thought it might be a little divey, since it's open 24 hours, which is never a good sign. That suspicion was confirmed on reading the menu:

You know you're on thin ice when they mention by name the brand of the mass produced English muffin they use. And that brand is, well, pretty bog standard. I mean, we're not talking about Poilane here. Nor even La Brea Bakery or Delice de France.

And how about this for a treat: your very own can of tuna.
That's right, at Chelsea Square they aren't going to stiff you. They'll open up an entire tin of the fish of your choosing. I was tempted to order it just to see if the actual tin arrived.

Instead I stuck with the salad I had planned. Spinach and mushroom and very generous it was too. And TLOML got his reuben, which he described as 'exquisite'.

So all in all, a good showing for the Chelsea Square, which bodes well for the eggy breakfasts and late night cheese toasties that lie in our future. It just goes to prove the eternal truth - in search of hangover food, go divey.


  1. I absolutely effing love Reubens – the combination of salty meat, greasy cheese, sour saurkraut, piqued by the sweetness of the dressing – I could eat one right now.

    The ultimate salt-fat-sugar-carb combo that one so desperately needs in a time of hangover. TLOYL has good taste


  2. Ha! Glad he is not alone. I don't mind a Reuben but it's not hangover fodder for me: that HAS to involve egg. Fried egg sarnie is probably the simplest route. I bet Chelsea Square would oblige.