Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot in the city

This post is dedicated to all the New Yorkers I have met who, on hearing I'm from London, say 'wow, betchya don't miss the weather'.

Actually, I do. The weather outside is frightening! Leaving the apartment is like walking into a steamy shower room. I retract all my previous advice about walking in the sunshine. New advice: DO NOT WALK OR OTHERWISE ATTEMPT TO PROPEL YOURSELF ANYWHERE. At least not between 6am and 10pm.

Unless of course one of those massive thunderstorms roll in - as they often seem to do - in the late afternoon. In which case, it will be lovely and fresh outside. For an hour, till the temperature rises again. Grrr.

It's extremely hard to look as fresh and lovely as this young lady when it's so hot that, literally, your calves are sweating.

Malibu has famously amazing weather so of course the contrast I experienced on moving to NY  is pretty painful. But even compared to London, New York weather SUCKS.

I don't know why London gets such a bad rap. Just look at the facts:
This chart shows average high temperatures in London versus New York. Look at that crazy summer high! And the crazy low (and the average low in NY is well below freezing)! How on earth are people supposed to equip themselves for tropical heat and artic cold, in a city where the average wardrobe is the size of a shoebox? Frankly it's inhumane.

And the rain... to think London gets labelled as rainy, when NY has literally double the rainfall.
The rain is annoying- but it's the injustice I can't bear!

Right, rant over. I'm off to have a cold shower.

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