Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Book of Mormon

TLOML and I saw The Book of Mormon last night, thanks to the savvy foresight of our favourite cultural guru. It's the hottest ticket in town right now and she booked it, it seems to me, before Parker and Stone had even hired the theatre. Seriously, she's that good.

It was a treat to see the show that everyone's raving about. It was great to catch up with our cultural guru over some killer margaritas. (I opted for frozen, because - have I mentioned this? - it's so damn hot here at the moment). And it was a huge treat to be in a large airconditioned theatre in the middle of this horrible heatwave.

Given that The Book of Mormon is a musical from the creators of South Park, I was expecting hilarity and irreverence. But who knew it would also be so educational?

We don't have a lot of Mormons in the UK, so I had a lot to learn.

Did you know all Mormons have to wear special Mormon underwear, which looks like a kind of Victorian romper? And that they believe after the resurrection, Jesus popped in to America on his way up to Heaven? And that most of this and their other tenets are based on the translation some dude made of some 'gold plates' with ancient scripts he found in his backyard in upstate New York, which an angel called Moroni tipped him off about?

Me either. You live and learn. Join me on my educational journey by watching this neat summary of what the Mormons believe:

And a history of the roots of the religion:

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