Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome to hell / I heart NY

'Welcome to hell' is what TLOML said when I showed him this weather forecast. (In American this is 104 degrees!) TLOML is right. It is hellishly hot.

We miss Malibu's temperate clime, the ocean breeze and cool starry nights. Sigh.

So I'm cheering us up by pointing out great stuff about NYC that we didn't get in the 'Bu. Reasons to heart NY.

Like the fact that tonight we are going to see the Book of Mormon, satirical and musical work of genius and the hottest ticket in town.

And we can saunter down leafy streets like this:

Chelsea has lots of lovely brownstone streets. I like.
And cool buildings that pop up out of nowhere like this:

It's unassuming but really cool. And in the middle of a nondescript block. Just nice.

And this:

And buy slices of pizza from dudes like these pros:

...although maybe not on a day when NYC is hotter than the sun.

Five reasons not to be a hater. I'm trying, New York, I'm trying!

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