Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashion mystery solved

I finally understand why even stylish people wear those long coats that look like sleeping bags.
Blake Lively: officially stylish
I guess I never lived anywhere cold enough to see the benefit before. But at -10c in Manhattan I'm starting to get it.
The sleeping bag coat. Not chic.

I had dinner at Puttanesca with my favourite New Yorker yesterday. The restaurant is a brisk half hour walk up Ninth Avenue and I thought the walk would keep me warm - plus I had my special cold weather clothes on.
The 'cropped' sleeping bag look
What a fool! My coat is too too short. Between the top of my furry snowboats and the bottom of my sleeping bag I lost all feeling. Even my heaviest, cosiest jeans couldn't keep that bitter NY chill out.

I should have known it was too cold to be outside. Earlier in the day I went for a run and lost all feeling in my fingers, so I tucked them inside my hoodie and walked for a while. While I was walking I lost all feeling on my behind, which gave me the odd sensation of walking down the Hudson riverside with a bare bottom. It was so convincing that I had to look down to check the seat of my leggings hadn't fallen out.

Brrr. There's only one thing for it. And it's not to go out and buy a floor length sleeping bag coat (despite Blake Lively's shining example).
Our puppy
Allow me to introduce our puppy. The puppy is a cheapo velour throw thing we bought for emergency crashing-on-the-sofa guests. It is called the puppy because when it gets all crumpled and heaped up and warm on top of you it feels sort of, well, like a puppy. (Guess who's never had a puppy).

Till the weather gets above freezing, I'm staying in snuggled under the puppy. I admit it, I'm too soft for this town. Take me back to the temperate climate of London!


  1. Those coats are undoubtedly hideous, but you’ll never be toastier. In fact, despite the fact that I look a bit like a slug, I wear mine even when it’s a balmy 5 degrees. It’s a bit like heels v. flats, I know that heels are far more flattering (forgive the pun) but I can’t bear the discomfort. I like to pretend that this is a sign that I am not vain.

  2. There's a fine line between not being vain and not giving a monkey's, isn't there? I look forward to wearing knee socks with sandals in my old age.

    My friend the style-savvy trailing spouse ( pointed out that there's a direct relationship between age and puffa length. Older = longer. I pity the poor shivering teens in their little waist length numbers...