Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weather Up

I was going to do all sorts of fun and useful things today. I was going to go for a nice long run. I was going to take photos for my blog. And I was going to buy butter and fruit.

Then I looked out of the window.

TLOML and I had been warned to get our cold weather gear early. We hit T.J.Maxx a couple of weeks ago and bought ludicrous padded coats.
TLOML's duvet of a coat
I hope, I pray, I don't really need this coat
At the time I laughed - and cheaped out - because I couldn't imagine needing to wear this coat more than occasionally, and surely not till December. How naive. I bet T.J.Maxx today is full of fools who just moved here from California, in their flipflops and t-shirts (which were wearable in NYC just a week ago), panic buying down coats.

Incidentally, Weather Up is also the name of a great unmarked-door bar in Tribeca, which is perfect for afternoon drinking (not least because it's so hip that night-time drinking there is probably a little obnoxious). But on a snowy, sleety October day, we are not prepared to weather up, even for Weather Up.

We may have the kit, but we're still not leaving the rabbit hutch. We're hunkering down with that massive fish stew.

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