Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful, green, historic, charming, learned New Jersey

I take it all back!

Yesterday TLOML and I went to Princeton for the day. His cousin was playing soccer- go Tigers! - and her parents were in town. So we went to hang out, admire the silky skills of the Tigers, take fright at the brutality of the Columbia girls (who play a little rough), and wander around the campus.
Princeton Tigers 4 - Columbia Rough-housers 1.
Princeton University is part of the Ivy League, and is older than most of America  in that it was established before the Revolution. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. There are some really lovely old buildings - and some probably built in the last fifty years, but doing a great job of looking older. There are also lots of trees, and little patches of green crossed by gravel paths, between the buildings. It feels miles away from anywhere.

Yet the other side of the famous gates is a smart little town. It's pretty idyllic.

Afterwards we had dinner with TLOML's aunt. She is quite beautiful, highly educated and very well dressed. Like the polar opposite of Snooki. TLOML's aunt always has good stories about TLOML as a child, and throws in a few good Korean sayings for good measure. Like the 'frog in the well'.

The frog in the well thinks the water in his well is an ocean. Perhaps in my Manhattan-centric attitude to this part of the world, I have been a bit of a frog in the well. I'm sorry, New Jersey, I take it all back. (Still hate Penn station though).

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