Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordsmithery, trashy magazine style

In Star magazine, and others of that ilk, people never go to parties or bars. They 'hit them up' instead. And no-one ever kisses, but plenty of people 'pucker up' and 'plant smackers'. There are many 'hoofers', but no dancers.

Beyonce and Jay-Z did not go shopping last week. They 'scooped up designer duds'. And, accompanying young Louis to a party, Sandra Bullock did not dress as a pirate. She 'donned swashbuckling swag'.
All the trash that's barely fit to print

I know, I know, spending even a nanosecond reading those rags is a complete waste of time. So analyzing and pausing to comment on what they say is idiocy.

And yet... and yet, those turns of phrase make me smile. I'm considering adopting them. I think I could be even more successful at Big Corp and in my writing career if only I had a more exciting style of speech.

Or should that be 'a snazzier mode of chewing the fat'?

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