Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bird Soup

It was naive of me to expect there to be leftovers. Even though I bought a chicken - a Red Cockerel at that - the nice man at Dickson's told me would adequately serve 4 with leftovers. TLOML's capacity to consume chicken is unparalleled.

Once I'd rubbed and roasted it in paprika, and served it with some top notch roasties (finally found a goose fat source! hurrah for Chelsea Market!), there was no standing between TLOML and that empty plate. Less than half an hour after we sat down to eat, there was one solitary wing left.

But old habits die hard and making roast chicken soup the day after I make roast chicken is just, well, it's how I roll. So I made a really good thick dark stock with the chicken carcass, neck, and a few parsnip tops. Meanwhile TLOML took that final wing down.
All that remained of the chicken. This is a tiny ramekin, to be clear.

So what do you do when you have a great stock, but no actual chicken? Unless you count... wait a minute... is that the cold turkey we bought a week ago, the one that's on the turn? And... hang on, in that tub at the back of the fridge, I spy the Whole Foods chicken salad we weren't too excited about....
Three kinds of bird

I rinsed the mayo and cucumber off the chicken salad, and shredded the turkey. That and the scraps of paprika roast chicken, as a token gesture, made for three kinds of poultry. The fennel I found from last week's bouillabaisse went in too. So much more interesting than the usual monotone roast chicken soup.

We call it Bird Soup and it is delicious.

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