Friday, October 28, 2011

Sating the beast

The beast of TLOML's appetite, that is. He does like to eat well. This photo is a case in point.
This is what happens when he is tasked with getting 'a pound of fish and a couple of handfuls of shellfish': a pound and a half of fish, some crab, two lobster tails, a dozen shrimps, scallops, and clams, and two octopus (octupii?). To be fair, he burned about 3000 calories swimming just before he hit the fishmongers. Not only does he like to eat a fair amount, he also insists good quality. So this was all topnotch seafood. (And we now have an excellent hearty fishy stew to see us through the winter.)

Soon after we moved into the rabbit hutch, TLOML had paced out the surrounding area and identified a shortlist of good pizza slice joints. Since then he has done solid research and reviewed all of them, some multiple times.

So when we hanker for pizza on our way home, our hunt is targeted. We're like a smart missile, thanks to all TLOML's groundwork. Before midnight, it's Gotham, if we miss Gotham we head for Brick Oven, and only after 1am will we eat a Stella's slice. Ray's is shunned at all times. My guy is no fool.

It was this same approach, deployed over years of living in LA, that meant he could name the best burger within a two mile radius wherever you were in the city. His opinion on the best steak (Mastros) and sushi (Nobu Malibu) were similarly well founded.

Like I said, he enjoys quality food. So doing extensive research is really not a chore for him. And he is truly scientific about it. When someone says casually 'oh that was the best burger I've ever had', he pounces, notebook and pen at the ready, with questions like 'but what's your criteria?' and 'what kind of bun was it?'.

Six months into our New York era, and in addition to the pizza research, he has at least narrowed down the burger options, to land on Smith and Mills as offering the best gourmet burger downtown. But notice those caveats - there may be non-gourmet burgers, and in midtown or uptown, we are yet to discover. Oh, the pressure!

As for steak, well, the jury's still out. Strip House, Peter Luger and Del Frisco have been sampled. None met the standard. Tonight we will hit Quality Meats, working our way down TLOML's steakhouse shortlist. We're dining there with, and on the advice of, our favourite New Yorker. And since she introduced us to Smith and Mills' fancy burger, we could be onto a winner.
Mastro's.... Will Quality Meats meet the standard?

I certainly hope so, as there are a heck of a lot of steakhouses and burger joints out there. And we haven't even got close to answering the sushi question. *Sigh* So many restaurants and so little time (3 months and counting).


  1. Keens is the place. Done a serious bit of post marathon refuelling there. Introduced my bro-in-law to it and it's his number 1 now - he keeps bb messaging me with pics of the monster steaks he eats there every week just to make me jealous.

  2. Oh Miss Watts. I'm afraid that with this post I fallen for TLOYL. At least that makes two people in my marriage who are fully in love with him.

  3. Wait till I unleash him on Harrogate... the town won't know what's hit it.