Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eyelash Dye-lemma

I think I've been pretty relaxed about the uncertainty that surrounds which side of the Atlantic we will be living on 3 weeks time. But last night it really hit home.

I was updating my eyelash tint, a little self-improvement task I need to do every 4-6 weeks or else my eyelashes disappear. Then what happens is that my milky white skin, milky blue eyes and milky white eyelashes all merge into one leaving me looking like a blank piece of paper.

When I moved to the Land of the Free I was horrified to learn that you can't easily buy eyelash dye here. I guess it can only be administered by a salon professional. But it's such a faff to make an appointment for something you can do in 10 minutes at home - so on my next trip to London I stocked up on eyelash dye, buying enough to last me a year or two.
I planned it almost perfectly: I'm down to my last few drops, probably just enough for one more tinting session. Since I'm on a mission to shed (sell, Goodwill, trash) stuff and lighten our packing load, I threw it in the bin. After all, I'll be back in the UK - where blindingly toxic dye can be purchased at any Superdrug - before I need it again.

But wait! What if I do end up in Baltimore? I'll need that final lash tint application. With a weary sigh I put it back in the cupboard under the sink.

It really is very hard to organise, pack and plan when you don't know where you are going. So, some rapid decisions have been made. We're not waiting on the Baltimore client any longer. We're doing the right thing by Big Corp: returning back to London and reporting for work on the first of Feb.

I'd like to say my London-based boss is delighted by this news. But since I told him in November 2009 that I just wanted to be in the States for six months or so (and have called him every few months since and said 'please, let me stay just another six months!'), well, I think 'un-disappointed' is a fairer expression.

On the other hand, I am thrilled. I can throw away that eyelash dye safe in the knowledge that by the time my eyelashes fade I will be living with easy access to a Superdrug.

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