Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life in Limbo

A slightly frustrating trip to Baltimore is over. I had thought the client would be so energised by my dynamic workshop, that they would be galvanised into a firm decision: either a decision to start a project immediately, or to, um, well, not.

A firm commitment to use my post-it note moving services very soon would mean TLOML and I could live on the client/ Big Corp dollar in Baltimore for six weeks, eating Maryland crabcakes for dinner every night and visiting DC at the weekends. Thrift and bucket list opportunities - it's a good outcome. But any hesitation on that decision means I have to go back to London forthwith and offer my services to Big Corp's European clients instead. Going to London sooner and reclaiming my cat and friendships is also a very good outcome.

The absence of a decision means we are in limbo a little longer. The shipping company is booked for the end of January, and it seems fairly probable we will head straight to London. Meanwhile I am 'on the bench' (or 'on the beach' as some consultants hilariously call it, presumably not those who live in a rabbit hutch in chilly NYC). I'm keeping busy with bits and bobs but I'm not exactly flat out.

Life in limbo gives me plenty of time to do important preparation for our move. I am tackling crucial tasks like making lists of 'Friends with spare rooms we can crash in' and 'Stuff worth selling'. I can play 'Can't Cook, Won't Cook' with our dwindling grocery supplies:
The only way to find out what's in that Korean packet I bought in Tokyo 2 years ago is to open it and cook it. Shame you never really need more than a handful of barley, isn't it? And I can't even remember what the chestnut puree was for.
Also I can busy myself filling in the numerous customs and insurance forms our shipping company needs. And loading up the Goodwill trolley:
TLOML laughed when I bought this 9 months ago, but he'll be laughing on the other side of his face as I trundle along to the Goodwill store without fear of back strain.

The other good news is that TLOML is back after over a week gallivating on the West Coast. After the social and travel whirlwind of the past few weeks we will enjoy being homebodies for a short while. We even have time to wander down to Chelsea Market and pick up something nice for dinner - a simple pleasure but somethign we haven't done for ages. That chili, chestnut and barley stew will have to wait.

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