Monday, January 23, 2012

Muffs and muffing

As a British cricket lover in the US, I have tolerated my fair share of mockery. It's the same old jokes everywhere you go. People tease the stuffy sounding tradition of stopping play for lunch and tea. They scoff at the physiques of our bowlers. And they snigger at fielding positions like 'silly mid off', and expressions like 'bowled a googly'.
Chunky English bowling legend Darren Gough
Well, last night I paid a bit more attention than usual to the NFL action. It was the Super Bowl playoff between the San Francisco 49ers and the NY Giants. And, in addition to those powerful thighs and firm buttocks encased in tight lycra, I noticed two things.

1. The players wear muffs to keep their little hands warm.
That's right, muffs. Like the fun fur one I had when I was seven, only NFL branded.
Peyton Manning and his muff

2. There is such a thing as a 'muffed punt'.
Quainter than cricket, isn't it? And, as the New New Yorker commented, you wouldn't want to say that with a mouthful of beernuts.

I think I'll let the facts speak for themselves. And will leave you with an image of an NFL player in his prime.

Ha! Take that, cricket mockers!