Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wonderful gifts from the mall in the sky

Yesterday we travelled to Snowmass/ Aspen, for a weekend of throwing myself down a hill while TLOML waits at the bottom. (Ah the joy of being a late bloomer, when it comes to winter sports.)

On our flight out here I had the chance to peruse  Skymall, which I blogged about when we moved to NY (I never did get around to buying those furniture items I liked so much). During an extremely busy December and with Christmas around the corner, I took a closer look.

It’s about this time of year that this store of miracles gets thicker - it's chock full of Christmas gifts you never imagined possible. For example, I’m thinking of getting this wine ager for TLOML.

He’s been lugging some of these old bottles around for over a decade, from San Fran to West Hollywood, from Malibu to New York. Are we really going to move them now to London? Surely it would be smarter to drink that 1973 burgundy, and when we move, just buy a bunch of £10 villages wines and age them ourselves?

And since he likes gadgets so much, I’m sure he’ll appreciate this handy i-phone strap.

So convenient!

Also these ingenious $20 cereal bowls. The perfect gift for someone who is both annoyingly picky and supergreedy. 
Just a little bucket of ‘crispy’ cereal to start the day.

Ooooh I'm going to go on such a spree on the return flight!

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