Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time Travel

We began this trip with a flight from La Guardia, which is the most charmingly old school of New York's airports. A fraction of the size of Newark and JFK, it is also about 20 years behind in terms of technology.

Witness the phone book bank in the lounge, so convenient for looking up old friends on arrival:

And the cricket scoreboard-style flight details at the gate - no fancy computer screens here:
The TSA staff are relaxed an pre-9/11 way too. It's really a very nice little airport.

24 hours and three flights later we arrived in Cordoba, to the heart of TLOML's Argentine power base. Cordoba is a lovely city. It was founded in 1573 but is thoroughly modern, being home to a number of excellent universities, bright students, shiny office buildings and global businesses (TLOML's being a great example of the same).

There are also horses pulling carts. Not many of them, but like the La Guardia phone book facility, just enough to provide a charming reminder of a simpler time.

It's midsummer and powerfully hot here, which is a shock after the biting cold of NYC. And as I sit in a sun-warmed office considering what flavour of gelato to have after lunch, I am buying Christmas groceries online at D'Agostino.

All in all, a most discombobulating trip. But really rather nice.

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