Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to deck the halls

It's definitely time to deck the halls with boughs of holly, mismatched strands of tinsel, and angels made from shuttlecocks. The tree has been up in the lobby of Rabbit Hutch Towers for a couple of weeks now, and TLOML's dad was telling us about spending 3 days assembling and decorating their tree.

But our ability to really go nuts on Christmas decorations is somewhat limited.

When I moved to West Hollywood to live with TLOML 'for six to twelve months', in November 2009, I put my Christmas decorations into storage. (Along with all my wordly possessions, most of which will look really redundant when we finally get back to London and unpack).

When we moved to Malibu in January 2010, I put many of his Christmas decorations in the trash. My justification was 'we're going to be moving to London by the end of the year'. But my real reason was I don't like those fibre optic light-up trees.

So when we were still in Malibu in December 2010, I splashed out on a couple of decorations and supplemented them with candy canes and cookies.

And so it is, this December, while other households are carrying many boxes down from the attic or up from the basement, unpacking metres of fairy lights and crates of much loved baubles... this is what we have to decorate with:

The mug is for scale. This is a small box.

Is this the lamest Christmas decoration collection you've ever seen?
We're going to buy a tree this weekend. I guess I'd better run out and get some candy canes, and start baking cookies again.

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