Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bucket list updates

Progress on the Bucket List is going pretty well.

We made it to Coney Island - I think I may have mentioned it once or twice lately. And TLOML's birthday prompted a trip to the Intrepid which he loved. He said 'wooah' and 'wow' about a hundred times as we walked around the flight deck. Next week, also for his birthday, we're going to La Boheme at the Met, which takes care of the Lincoln Center.

A couple of impromptu drinks in Wilfie and Nell spat the two of us out, starving, in the West Village. So we went to the hip Spotted Pig. Not sure if it was on the official bucket list but we've wanted to try it for a while. (For what it's worth I prefer the Smith and Mills burger).

But for every thing I tick off the Bucket List, I seem to add something new. Can you believe I've never visited Washington DC? Or eaten crab in Maryland? They are both do-able in a day, or at least an overnight trip, from New York, so there's really no excuse. New Orleans is further but I really want to visit. And I haven't played sax in the subway either (thanks to my little sister for that suggestion).
Plus there are all those bars I've yet to try. Campbell's Apartment, the old school cocktail bar in a former station master's apartment in Grand Central. And Macao, a Chinese-Portugese gambling-themed bar by the same genius mixologists of classic speakeasy Employee's Only. Can I really leave Manhattan without sampling them?

I heard this week that I don't need to rush back right after New Year, and I think I might need that extra week or two. There's still a lot of ground to cover...

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