Friday, December 9, 2011

What we wore

(It turns out some people want to know, okay?).

Me: a slightly dull electric blue dress, livened up by a silvery sort of bolero jacket with sharp lapels. I call it my magicians jacket, and I got it from the PDSA charity shop in Kentish Town in 2002. And that is why I never throw clothes away - it turns out it was totally Met appropriate.

TLOML: a very dapper suit, shirt, no tie.

Yeah, we rocked it. And you'll be relieved to hear we didn't see anyone dressed like this:
Maybe it's the holiday season, and people are treating their night at the opera more seriously. But it seemed to me that standards were kept fairly high and pretty formal. Which is quite right too, as the Met Opera building is such a gorgeous space. Here are some pictures I swiped from other people's blogs to prove it:

 Plaid and skinny jeans on these sweeping staircase? Thank goodness, no.

PS The performance was great too.

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