Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Traditions are usually created as a happy accident. We do something brilliant, we love it, and then we do it again. Before we know it, a tradition has been created.

TLOML's annual birthday mani/pedi is a case in point. Around this time last year he told me that his favourite birthday present from the previous year had been the mani/ pedi we enjoyed at Bellacures on Robertson Boulevard. So I took the hint and off we went to Deluxe Nails in Santa Monica.

TLOML likes the nail spa experience because in addition to beautifully groomed extremities, he gets to go all Korean on the nail spa ladies. They love him, and ask him questions about his Korean heritage, and tell him how handsome he is, and talk about kim chi, whilst eying yours truly, his white bride, with visible scepticism.

By the time this December rolled around, I did not need to be asked. We pootled down to Nailesthetic and got our hands and feet taken care of. Again, they all cooed over TLOML and his special Korean genes. And, as he explained to them, this has become a birthday tradition.

My favourite little sister told me yesterday that she is playing The Present Game with the rest of my family, little nieces and nephews included. The Present Game involves the rolling of sixes to win small gifts - some naff, some excellent - and a mad scramble at the end of the game to get rid of naff gifts and secure excellent ones. The Wondertwin and I learned The Present Game on a Christmas trip to a dear Danish friend in Copenhagen, where she played it with her Danish friends. At their party the naff gifts included a cabbage, and the excellent ones a lovely bracelet, which led to a big brouhaha that we thought was inspired. We imported the concept back to London, and I introduced my family to it, and now, over a decade later, The Present Game has become such a Christmas tradition that it happens whether I am there or not (sob).

On the way home from TLOML's birthday mani/pedi today, we bought a cute little Christmas tree. TLOML decorated it with all the treasures in our tiny Christmas box, we hit up the 'Holiday' genre on our shared itunes library, and I made gumbo. (It turns out pale faced Yorkshirewomen can make gumbo, after all. Who knew?).
Shiny toes, gumbo bubblin', tree is dressed - all's well in the festive Rabbit Hutch

I suggested to TLOML that we do this gumbo and tree decoration thing every year forever. He agreed. And just like that, we created a new tradition.

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