Sunday, April 3, 2011

Decorating in my mind

Not decorating the inside of my mind. That would be mad.

No, I mean, decorating our new apartment in NY, which I have never seen, in my mind's eye. We move into our (fingers crossed) lovely shoebox at the weekend and are bracing ourselves for it to be rather small.

Given that TLOML and I survived our last week in Malibu with this zen like home office set up...
... I think we should consider something equally compact for the NY pad. Happily, I had the opportunity to read Skymall magazine recently. Among many space savers, I came across this ingenious piece:
It looks just like a bookcase with lovely antique books...

Until, ta dah!, you reveal these two snug little seats and a space for a croissant or perhaps a laptop.
Cunning, no?

While I'm browsing the joys of Skymall, how about these beauties? I quite fancy getting them and adding them our rather posh new building's rather stylish roof deck. Think anyone would mind?

The thought of placing a Skymall Zombie statue up here is making me chuckle. Time to stop reading Skymall before it pushes me over the edge of insanity, I think.

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