Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do I give two hoots?

The big question on my mind today is not 'What will Kate wear on her big day?' but rather 'Is it worth getting up at 5am to find out?'.

The thing is, I do really want to know what Princess Kate will wear. I love her in jewel-bright Issa evening dresses. I feel faintly contemptuous of her in Sloane-in-the-Country sports casual. And I hate her in dowdy upholstered A-line daywear.

I'm completely tantalized by the potential of so many possible outcomes tomorrow. Will she be the dowdiest bride ever? Or the most fabulous? It really could go either way.

Apparently column inches over here dwarf the UK coverage. It seems all of America will either be getting up at sparrow's fart, or staying up all night, to catch the show. There's a massive screen in Times Square which will show the nuptials live. Funny how citizens of a republic love a Royal do, isn't it?

Although not all of them. I love the quote from the lady in Tea & Sympathy (a British shop in NY), who says 'I gotta tell you – I don't give two sh!ts.'

I think I might give enough of a sh!t to get up a little early and see what's going on. But 5am in Times Square is a bridge too far.

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  1. Do it do it get up Izzy and bathe in majestic camp & ceremony

    Dave D